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Dental Crystal

What is tooth crystal?

It is an aesthetic zircon stone worn on your teeth.

How to attach the tooth crystal?

Adhesive is adhered to using special agents without damaging the tooth enamel.

Do I experience an aesthetic problem during treatment?

In the market there are dental crystals that you can paste yourself; however, the adhesive is not in the same way your doctor uses it. In this case, stone drop, permanent color change in your teeth and damage is possible. When you glue the overflowing adhesives form an unpolished surface and facilitate plaque build-up and cause discoloration. Therefore, this procedure should be done by a dentist.

Does the dental crystal fall over time?

It may fall with excessive strain, but it is a difficult possibility that it is placed inside the tooth. There is no harm to your tooth. It can be pasted again in cases such as falling.

How to attach a dental diamond?

If the patient wants to wear real diamonds, the tooth enamel is abraded to the appropriate size and placed in the slot.

Can we remove the tooth crystal or tooth diamond at any time?

You can remove the tooth crystal at any time. The surface of the teeth becomes old with the finish of the teeth.

Does the tooth crystal damage my teeth?

It does not damage to the teeth.

Diş Kristalini Yapıştırabilir miyim? Neden Dişçiye Gitmeliyim?

To ensure good adhesion of special adhesives, the tooth must be completely dry and operated with special laser light. It is impossible to provide them at home.

Does it bother my lips?

The surface is smooth and does not cause any discomfort.

Does the color change over time?

If a quality zircon stone is used, its color does not change.

Do I need special care?

It does not require any maintenance other than your daily oral care.

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