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  • How to add a new question and answer?
    Follow these steps to add a new FAQ: Click the 'Manage FAQs' button. Click the 'Add New' button from your site's control panel and then select the 'Question and answer' option. Each newly added question and answer should be assigned to a category. Save and publish. You can always edit your FAQs, change their order and choose other categories.
  • What is wisdom teeth?
    20 teeth are generally the third molars that erupt between the ages of 17-26 or later. It is beneficial for chewing as long as it does not cause position disorder and decay.
  • Can I embed an image, video or gif in my FAQs?
    Yes. To add media, follow these steps: Enter the app's Settings Click the 'Manage FAQs' button Create the question you want to add media to or choose from existing questions Click on the video, image or gif while editing your reply Add and save media from your library
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ" header?
    You can edit the title from the Settings tab in the app. If you don't want to show the title, disable it under 'Information to Show'.
  • Is Extraction of 20 Year Teeth Difficult?
    As embedded wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, it is performed under local anesthesia. There is no pain during the procedure. The most important issue is that the gingiva should be opened properly, carefully, with the help of oral x-ray beforehand, determined according to the position of the tooth, and carefully removed.
  • How should oral care and nutrition be after the operation?
    First of all, the area where the tooth was extracted should not be played with. In order not to cause pain, aches and infections, chewing should not be done in that area for the first 24 hours. You should definitely not smoke, you will increase the pain in that area and delay the healing process. After the shooting, the first tooth brushing, mouthwash should not be done, and extremely hot or cold food should not be consumed. In the first two days, warm, grain-free and soft foods should be consumed. After each food consumption, antiseptic mouthwashes that the doctor deems appropriate should be used.
  • Will my face swell a lot after shooting?
    Post-extraction, swelling and edema vary greatly from person to person and according to the condition of the tooth. To avoid swelling, cold pads can be applied. Slight swelling is normal during the healing phase. Mild aches and swellings may occur after tooth extraction, these will go away on their own.
  • What does the FAQ Section do?
    FAQ section, "What are your shipping zones?", "What are your business hours?" or "How can I book a service appointment?" It can be used to answer common questions about your business, such as FAQs help your visitors navigate your site easily and can even improve your site's SEO.
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