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Jaw Cyst Surgery

What is Jaw Cyst Surgery?

It is the process of curing the cysts that occur in the teeth root ends in the jaw bones.

What Problems Does Jaw Cysts Cause?

It causes the cyst to grow in the jawbone, resulting in fractures of the jaw bone. Cysts must be taken.

How is Jaw Cyst Surgery? Can not be made sleep?

In the examination, the teeth that are found to be associated with cyst are firstly treated with canal. In the area where the cyst is located, the gums are anesthetized with anesthetic gels and then painstakingly anesthetized with digital anesthesia. Gypsum is removed from the easiest access point to the cyst and the smallest possible bone is removed and the cyst is reached. It is cleaned from all its limits and closed with sutures and the remaining healthy bone is left to heal. If the cyst has not been inflamed before, the bone powder will be placed to help heal faster. The part taken should be examined in the pathology laboratory.

Jaw cysts that are found to be very large size should be taken under general anesthesia. During your examination, your doctor will decide how to proceed.

Is Operation of a Jaw Cysts a Painful Process?

There is no difference between dental extraction and implant. It is pain-free with adequate anesthesia. A comfortable healing process is passed with your frequent controls.

What Is Jaw Bone Graft?

Crystalline fragments obtained by human, animal or inorganic means that accelerate bone formation in the cavities in the jawbone.

When To Use Jawbone Powders?

Bone grafts in the region of dental implants to be made in the presence of inadequate bone, tooth implant in the same session of the desired conditions to be performed, pre-implantation of sinus base elevation operations or chronic inflammation and long-lasting causes of melting of the bone that causes the bone to be used during the extraction. The cells they contain help the region to heal faster and increase bone volume thanks to the ingredients needed for bone formation and growth.

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