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Dental Prosthetics 

Dental Prosthetics
Full Dental Prosthetics
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What is a complete denture (denture tooth)?

It is a form of treatment that replaces all teeth applied to the toothless patients as a removable prosthesis. How many days should I take, how many times do I have to come? It takes approximately 6 sessions, which is a treatment period of about 2 weeks.

Is it easy to use?

Tbruises can be seen after treatment. These bruises are remedied by the doctor Nausea may occur in patients who use it for the first time..

Do I get used to using these dentures?

İlk takıldığında, bazı bölgelerde yaralar ve yaralar olabilir ve belirli bir süre kullanıldığında, bir kişinin kendi dişleri olarak kullanılır.

How to clean?

Easily cleaned with standard toothbrushes. Can I eat comfortably with full dentures? It can be used easily by double-sided chewing if well adjusted.

Prosthetic teeth move while eating?

The retention of the prosthesis made by measuring from the jaws depends on the amount of bone in the lower and upper jaw. If the amount of bone is sufficient, the prosthesis retention and stabilization is good and meals can be grinded with prostheses. When the full denture is first performed, the cheek and lip muscles may be difficult to get used to, and then they can be easily bitten, cut and milled.

What should I pay attention to when using?

When eating, care should be taken to double chewing. At night, dentures should be removed and cleaned with toothbrushes placed in a container filled with water.

Protez dişlerin kırıldığında ya da dişler düştüğünde tamiri mümkün müdür?

Depending on the shape and size of the fracture, it can be easily repaired, but it may be necessary to take measurements from the jaws for repair. Teeth falling from the prosthesis are also easily repaired.

How long does it take to repair prosthetic teeth?

It can be repaired and delivered in 1-2 days according to the shape and size of the broken area.

Is it possible to use prosthetic teeth in diabetic patients?

Complete dentures can be applied to almost any patient. In patients with sugar, complete dentures can be safely  applied.

Is it possible to use prosthetic teeth in patients with bone resorption?

Bone resorption in the body with bone resorption is usually not linked. Intraoral examination and filmed bone thickness and height are checked to determine the suitability for the prosthesis. In case of excessive resorption (bone resorption), bone may be obtained by obtaining bone from different regions.

Is it possible to use prosthetic teeth in allergic patients?

This treatment can be applied by changing the material used in allergic patients.

What is the lifetime of full dentures?

Full dental prostheses serve for years when good care and hygiene are provided. In case of weight loss or bone absorption, growth may occur over time in the prosthesis.

I've used dental prosthesis for years and the prosthesis has widened, what can be done?

Re-adaptation can be achieved by feeding the existing prosthesis for slimming and squeezing due to slimming and bone resorption..

I am very happy with the prosthesis I made years ago, only coloration and blackening are present, can it be done from the same prosthesis?

If the coloration and blackening of the complete denture does not occur in professional cleaning, duplication of the existing prosthesis can be made. You will need to leave the prosthesis for a few days.

I'm satisfied with the retention of my dental prosthesis that I've used for years, but it doesn't cut teeth, can the teeth be sharpened?

Without changing the base of the existing prosthesis, only the teeth can be replaced, the newly used teeth will be more cutting and not worn.

My full prosthesis in the upper jaw holds very well, but my full denture in the lower jaw holds much less, why?

The full denture in the upper jaw occupies much more space than the full prosthesis in the lower jaw, and the presence of the tongue in the lower jaw causes the prosthesis to move more, as well as the existing bone volume affects the retention. As the loss of teeth in the lower jaw is usually earlier, the bone melts more and the retention of the prosthesis is less.

Do I have to have a full denture when I lose all my teeth?

It is very difficult for patients who lose all their teeth and have never used a full prosthesis before. If there is enough bone volume in the upper and lower jaw, the prostheses on the implants placed in the bone are much more comfortable and easier to use than the full dentures. In the case of complete disability, we recommend implant-supported dental prostheses first.

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