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Zirkonyum Dişler / Zirconium Teeth

Aesthetic Dentistry

What is Zirconium Teeth?


Zirconium is a white metal alloy. Used to replace the back metal. Previously used in different areas, this alloy has been used in dental coating applications because of its aesthetics and durability. Due to its light permeability, it is the nearest alloy to the natural tooth structure. Compliance rate with dental tissue is high. Metal alloy coatings and fillings may cause taste changes and odors in the mouth, but this type of coating does not have this problem. It is resistant to high pressure and can be applied on both front and rear teeth. As the application age, it is recommended that the patient's jaw development be completed.

Zirconium Teeth Where To Use?

It is used in all tooth deficiencies and aesthetic requirements.

What are the advantages of zirconium teeth?

Thanks to its light transmittance feature, the image of natural teeth is fully captured. The enamel of the healthy teeth completely passes the light. Metals which are the substructures of classical porcelain coatings create an opaque image in the teeth. This makes the teeth appear lifeless and artificial. This was prevented by zirconium.

How Is Zirconium Teeth Compatible With Teeth?

How Is Zirconium Teeth Compatible With Teeth?

Is it applicable to people with allergy to metal?

Applicable. Because there is no metal alloy.

Ağzımda tat ve kokuya neden olur mu?

No. It does not cause any odor in your mouth as long as it fits one-to-one with gums.

Does Zirconium change color in the teeth?

No. Zirconium tooth does not make any color change.

How Can I Maintain Zirconium Coatings?

It does not require a different maintenance in terms of normal mouth and teeth. (Your toothbrush is enough.)

How Long Can I Use Zirconium Coatings?

It can be used as long as the gum fit is not impaired.

Is it possible to change my teeth when removed?

Zirconium coatings are cut out and you will not feel any discomfort.

Does not cause tissue loss in the teeth.

How to Apply Zirconium Coatings?

As in the case of tooth-metal-supported coatings, some size is reduced, and when the gums are in good health, a precise measure is taken with special measuring items and spoons that are suitable for the mouth. Zirconium substructure and porcelain superstructure are processed in laboratory environment and adapted to the teeth in clinical environment. Finally, it is permanently adapted to the tooth with special adhesives. Now you can easily use your own teeth without distinguishing.

How Much Substance Loss Will My Teeth Stop During Treatment?

Normal The tooth surface is reduced by 2-3 mm shaving.

Can suffer during operations?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Pain is not felt.

Do I have a problem in terms of aesthetics during treatment?

There's no problem in aesthetics. You can use your temporary paints in your daily life without having to worry about real coatings.

How long does this aesthetic dentistry practice result in treatment?

About 1 week (3 sessions).

Is There Any Age in Aesthetic Dentistry Practice?

None. It can be applied after completion of bone development.

How Durable is it Compared to Porcelain and Metal?

It is as durable as porcelain and metal coatings.

Is Fracture or Fall of Zirconium Coating Common?

No. it is almost the same as the probability of breaking the original tooth.

Is there a disadvantage of zirconium coatings?

Zirconium Teeth have no disadvantages.

Can Zirconium Teeth also be applied to those with gum disease?

Applicable. However, gum disease, treated and then applied to the coating gives a healthier result for the patient.

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