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Empress (Full Porcelain Teeth)

Aesthetic Dentistry

What is Empress (full porcelain tooth)?

Porcelain, which is obtained by cooking glass ceramic on the crystal core, which is compressed under pressure without using metal infrastructure, has been increased. It is all made of ceramic. Full porcelain teeth can also be called.

Why Empress Dental Skins Are More Natural?

The absence of metal substructure and full ceramic content mimic the transparency of natural teeth, the ability to reflect and pass light. Adhesives also adhere to the empress and tooth texture, the chameleon effect of the materials provide the desired ideal color and transparency. All the characteristics of your natural teeth can be transferred to empress dental coatings. Thus, natural dental aesthetics are caught.

Which Teeth Can I Make Empress?

Empress tooth coatings are made in the front region cutter, molar teeth and single tooth deficiencies in this region where aesthetics gain importance.

Which teeth do not empress?

Empress dental coatings are not preferred in the front and back region restorations where there are more than one tooth deficiency in the large mines with the rear region teeth where chewing forces and side forces increase. In these cases, aesthetic and higher resistance zirconium tooth coatings are the first choice.

In what circumstances is Empress done?

Antibiotics, fluorine and age-related coloration, whitening can not result in the treatment of canal teeth, congenital tissue, deformed teeth,
Empress can be done in teeth with spacing, spacing tooth alignment, physically and chemically worn teeth in time, multiple restoration requirement and smile design.

What are the application stages of empress porcelain teeth?

Measurements are taken after shrinking the teeth, in one week (2 sessions) coatings are installed.

Will I roam without teeth when making empresses?

You will not be toothless at any stage with the temporary teeth your doctor will prepare. Even if you have a tooth deficiency, you will get rid of the lack of teeth with these temporary teeth while waiting for your empires.

Will the sessions last long?

An average of 45 minutes will be sufficient.

Can I eat and drink immediately after being glued?

You can eat and drink after half an hour.

Does it make cold hot sensitivity?

No, it doesn't make any sensitivity.

How Do I Maintain?

Daily oral care is enough.

Is my tooth pulled down over time?

Every time you brush your teeth, gum disease develops and the gums are pulled.

Can it leave the tooth in time, the interval occurs?

Adhesives may lose their strength over time.

Does my tooth decay beneath Empress coatings?

If there is no habit of brushing teeth at the edges of the gums, it will be opened and rots from time to time. However, this is a result of the patient's own hygiene.

Does Empress Fall? 

It does not fall, but it can be broken with a very hard food (nuts, nuts, etc.).

Color in time, the shape changes?

Color and shape retain all the features.

Does it smell?

No, it doesn't smell any.

How does it fit with intraoral tissues?

It is in harmony with all soft and hard textures, smooth and perfect.

I'm allergic to some metals, does empress allergy?

Empress does not make allergies. There is no negative case report.

My old coverings, my bridges create black shades on my teeth, does empress have any advantage in this?

Yes, empress gives a completely white image. Black shadow never appears.

My old coverings, my bridges are white but not matte, is empress a more natural image possible?

Empresses are completely tooth-colored. A natural smile is possible.

One tooth is deformed, there is a position disorder, is empress realized if it is noticed?

No, it doesn't show any difference.

What is Empress?

With tooth wear, the tooth length is shortened, its transparency decreases, its color darkens and its aesthetic vitality is lost. Decreasing the amount of visible teeth affects the contour of the lips and your smile. The ideal smile design is determined and the empresses are made to the desired size, shape and color.

Empress? Zirconium?

According to the condition of the dentist, the mutual advantages and disadvantages of the physician should be discussed.

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