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Aesthetic Tooth Filling

Aesthetic Dentistry

Why do aesthetic filling applications need?

When the person looks in the mirror, it is necessary to feel happy and to fill the fillings safely without the difference of color from the other teeth.

What is aesthetic tooth filling?

It is a type of filler which works exactly in the same form and color of the neighboring tooth.

Are aesthetic tooth fillers durable?

The material content is rugged and durable because it is aesthetic and healthy.

Do the aesthetic dental fillings have a lifetime?

The life of the sealant is linked to the person's oral care.

Is it necessary to change aesthetic tooth fillings over time?

As long as you do not develop a new bruise under the filling, you do not need to change it.

What is the resistance of aesthetic tooth fillers?

It is protective and resistant against possible fractures in the tooth.

Can I replace my black (amalgam) fillings with aesthetic dental fillings?

Certainly, you can change.

Do I need an aesthetic filler or porcelain coating?

The amount of tooth decay, according to the loss of substance, should be decided together with the dentist.

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