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Aesthetic Dentistry

How Many Types of Teeth Whitening Method Are There?


  1. Teeth whitening at home

  2. Office Type Teeth Whitening (Laser Teeth Whitening with Clinical Medium)

  3. Combined teeth whitening (Both home and office are combined with whitening.)

  4. Single tooth whitening (from inside and outside the teeth )


Which Method is the Most effective?

Klinikte uygulanan, hekim kontrollü Office Bleoching yöntemidir.

How is a Home Teeth Whitening Method Applied?

Plaque prepared into the bleaching agent according to the shape of the teeth is applied to the plate on the teeth and kept for 3 hours

How long does home type tooth whitening last?

Plaque to be used 3 hours a day, The treatment lasts 15 days.


How much gel should I put into the plate?

For home tooth whitening, too little use of gel is required.The gel overflowing from the plaque irritates the gums.In such cases, you should wash your gums immediately.


What is Office Type Teeth Whitening?

It is a whitening process that the dentist performs by using a protective barrier to the gums and applying the correct proportion of bleaching agent on the teeth.

What is Combined Type Whitening?

After the end of the treatment in the clinic, 15 days is continued whitening process at home.

What is Biological Teeth Whitening?

It is a whitening method that provides repair of tooth enamel and does not create sensitivity while providing whitening.


What Is the Difference of Biological Teeth Whitening from Other Whitening Methods?

The only difference is the content of the used gel and the need to use a toothpaste that is suitable for the whitening process.


Can whiten my teech evenif have sensitive teeth?

Biological teeth whitening thanks to this question we can give the answer. Hydrogen peroxide is the most sensitive substance in the bleaching process. The proportion of this substance is very low on the biological tooth whitening gel and the sensitivity of the gel to the enamel crystals does not occur. There is no sensitivity during and after the operation, so your current sensitivity decreases after the operation.


How is Biological Teeth Whitening Applied? Is it different from the others?

As in the regular home type cleaning. Firstly measurement are taken and ther plaque,peculiar to individual,is prepared, after that special tooth  paste is spredol. Later office type whitening is applied in the clinic under dentist's supervision. Next,silicon plaques which are specially prapered for the patient anal whitening jel are applied. Before going to bed plaque with jel is fixed on the teeth.For this application one week is good enough.


Is there a disadvantage of biological tooth whitening?

Thanks to the biocompatible molecules used in the gel content, it is completely tissue compatible and hasno disadvantages.

What is the Persistence of Biological Teeth Whitening?

Daily cigarettes, tea, coffee varies according to the habit of consumption.


What is Single Teeth Whitening (Internal Bleaching)?

The color of a changed tooth is the bleaching of the color with special materials applied through the channel after the canal treatment.

Is inside whitening harmful? 

No, it is certainly not harmful

Does Tooth Whitening Have any Harm and Side Effets?

The most common side effects in tooth whitening are cold and heat sensitivities. This is a normally acceptable side effect and is expected to pass over time. A number of substances that your doctor will recommend after the whitening process will minimize the sensitivity of toothpaste or creams.

What are the reasons for tooth coloring?

Causes of tooth coloration are; smoking,consuming too much tea and / or coffee additionally; fluorosis,  tetracycline stains and hereditary reasons.

How do Teeth Turn White?

Teeth whitening, the surface of the teeth formed in the porous enamel colored organic and inorganic substances are provided to be bleached using gels.

How long does it take for the teeth to turn white?

Teeth whitening may vary from person to person. 20 + 20 minutes in clinical type whitening. For home whitening 3 hours a day for a total of 2 weeks.

Should I Clean the Whitening Plaque?

Yes, after use, thoroughly washed with liquid soap and rinsed and dried.

Is The Effect Of Teeth Whitening Permanent?

No permanent. Depending on the usage of cigarette and acidic liquid, it varies between 6 and 1 year.

What should I pay attention after whitening my teeth?

The first 2 weeks after the procedure; tea, coffee, wine-like colorant and acidic liquids, tobacco products should be avoided. Otherwise, the effect of early bleaching may decrease.

Does Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Whitening done under the control of the physician has no harm to the teeth.A glass of acidic beverages has proven to cause more damage to the tooth enamel.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

It is a method of bleaching teeth by activating the tooth whitening agent by laser light.

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