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Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

What is root canal treatment?

Pulp, which is the living tissue of the tooth, the infection due to the invasion of microorganisms.
progressive removal of infected pulp tissue from tooth
is filled with filler.

When is canal treatment necessary?

In the presence of periapical lesion at the root end, if the infection has reached the pulp tissue in the root It should be done.

How do you know if you need a tooth canal treatment?

Patients usually do not stop, sleep at night and wake up from sleep;
They come with a pain complaint. After the necessary radiography and intraoral examination can be decided.

What are the stages of canal treatment?

The first session is removed from the caries, and the infected pulp tissue is removed from the root and root. The canals are enlarged by preplanting the root canals. The required irrigation is done and the cavity is closed by temporary filling and the treatment in the first stage is completed. In the second session, if the patient complains and there is no swelling in the tooth and no pain, the treatment of the canals is terminated. However, if there is a pain situation, dressing is performed and the patient is called for the next session. If there is no condition to prevent the filling of the channels, the channels are filled.

What should be considered during the treatment of canal?

Any complications should be avoided. Physician errors such as perforation, tool breakage
should be noted. Caries and infected pulp tissue should be completely cleaned.


Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?

No pain is created because it is done under local anesthesia.

Will there be pain after the canal treatment?

The body defense mechanism may show a response to treatment after treatment. This can manifest itself in pain and swelling. These conditions are normal if there are no physician errors.

Should the tooth be pulled as a result of inflammation in the tooth?

Canal treatment according to the amount of dental tissue remaining after caries cleaning


Is antibiotic use necessary in dental infections?

As a result of infection abscess formation and abscess drainage
antibiotics prescribed treatment can be supported.

Is the channel filling and filling separate processes?

The canal filling is filling the root canals and filling is the top restoration after filling the channels.

Are the root canal teeth more fragile?

Yes, because of the loss of teeth vitality is reduced.

What is repetition of canal treatment?

If the infection at the root end has not healed, the patient's complaint has not been completed and the channel filling has not been successful, repeat the procedure.

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