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What is Digital Smile Design?

It is a personalized smile design made in computer environment.

In Which Cases  Digital Smile Design Applicable?

It can be applicable in all cases who want a better aesthetic smile.

How Many Sessions needed for Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is the process of identifying and displaying your ideal smile with digital methods. Completed in two or three sessions.

what will hapen in my first appointment for  digital smile?

Photos of your mouth are taken and the upper and lower teeth are measured.

In How Many Days Will Digital Smile Design Propared?

Preparation of Digital Smile design can take 2 or 3 days.The dijital data of your mouth and teeth are evaluated in dijital environment to prepare ypur dijital Smile Desing


What is the process in the trial session?

The model designed environment is prepared from composite to make pre-trail

How to remove the proofing material used in digital smile design.

It is easily removed by the dentist.

In what  situations the trial can't be performed?

In cases where one or more teeth are outside the desired position, it will not be possible to carry out a test without changing the position of that tooth. Therefore, such teeth can prevent the ideal design from being processed with 100% accuracy. However, this decision is made by the doctor and the patient at the decision stage.

What Happens When I Accept Digital Smile Design?

After the preliminary preparation you will have the opportunity to see how the porcelain veneers look in your mouth.

Can I Make Changes in Digital Smile Design?

Of course, you can.

Can the same smile appear in the digital smile design when the treatment is finished?

Yes, exactly the same.

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